The day that changed Gavin's life

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Photo's of Gavin's Mommy's Family

Photo's of Gavin's Mommy's Family

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Photo's of Gavin's First Year

Photos of Gavin's Jouney with Cancer

Photo's of Gavin's Jouney with Cancer

Photo's of the sad side of Cancer

Photo's of the sad side of Cancer

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The Thomas family would like to introduce you to Gavin Storm Thomas.


On February 7, 2004, Brian and Christina Thomas gained custody of a beautiful, healthy, baby boy they named Gavin Storm Thomas. I am Gavin's mother, Christina. Gavin was born in Stuart, Florida and is the biological child of my sister who was not ready to accept the responsibility of raising a child. Gavin was lovingly accepted into our home and became a part of the Thomas family. I flew to Florida the day Gavin was born and welcomed my new son into the family. I fell in love with him instantly. Four days later Gavin and I flew home. At the airport we were greeted by Gavin's father, Brian. We took Gavin home to meet his big brother, Kyle and his grandparents, Claude and Robin Walters. Gavin was now home and we could not have been happier. In Florida, Gavin has a grandfather, Raj Maharajh, four Aunts Cheryl, Chastity, Chandra and Chelsea and an Uncle Rajan . He also has two Uncles by marriage and a maternal grandmother, Allene Maharajh, who passed away with cancer seven years ago. As any one can see Gavin has plenty of family to love him. The first year was full of the types of challenges any family experiences when the dynamics change until....


February 19, 2005, was the most devastating day for our family and those who love Gavin. Because Gavin had been fussy for several days and not eating or sleeping well he was taken to Anne Arundel General Hospital Emergency Room. While at the hospital , I noticed a bulge on Gavin's stomach, on his left side. Gavin was taken by ambulance to Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital for further testing. Over the next 16 hours Gavin endured countless medical test and numerous examinations by a parade of physicians. Our day ended with Gavin being admitted to the hospital and a tentative diagnosis of Neuroblastoma.

On Februanry 23, 2005, a biopsy confirmed that Gavin had Neuroblastoma Stage Four cancer. Our family was told Gavin had a 30% chance of surviving his Cancer. The Oncology team explained the course of treatment for Gavin would include seven rounds of strong chemotherapy. Once the tumor was small enough to be removed the surgeon's would perform the operation. After the tumor was successfully removed Gavin would have a stem cell transplant and then six rounds of radiation.



Cancer Is So Limited 

It Can Not Cripple Love 

It Can Not Shatter Hope

It Can Not Corrode Faith

It Can Destroy Peace

It Can Not Kill Friendship

It Can Not Suppress Memories

It Can Not Silence Courage

It Can Not Invade the Soul

It Can Not Steal Eternal Life

It Can Not Conquer the Spirit

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Gavin's big brother Kyle loves him Dearly

Kyle will be seven years old on September 2, 2005. He will be a second grader in August and he attends Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Kyle is handling Gavin's illness extremely well on the surface, but he is young and doesn't understand much of it. It is definitely hard for Kyle to watch his baby brother in pain and vomiting. Kyle misses his brother when he is not home and will beg, cry and plead for him to come home. Gavin's eyes light up when he sees his older brother. Kyle has unlimited patience with Gavin and allows him to play with even his most treasured toys. Gavin's face glows when he sees the yellow school bus pull up in front of his house and his big brother gets off. They have a very close bond.

What is Neuroblastoma?
>Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumor in childern under the age of one and it is more common in boys rather than girls.  The tumor is mostly found near the adrenal glands which are above the kidneys.  Each year one in every 100,000 childern develop neuroblastoma.  In most cases by the time it is detected the tumor has already spread to other parts of the body.  Some symtoms are pale skin, diarrhea, swollen abdomen, chronic fatigue and rapid pulse.  These symtoms take time it appear and that is why in most cases the tumor has already spread.  Neuroblastoma is divided into four stages, see webite below for stages.

Neuroblastoma Website

Gavin and Kyle , The two best kids ever!